Wicker furniture in your garden

Wicker furniture is very popular for outdoor use. Modern outdoor wicker furniture looks great on a patio, but recently, there is a growing tendency to use wicker for garden furniture. There are some compelling reasons to use wicker instead of traditional garden furniture. Here are some of the reasons:


Traditional garden furniture is heavy. Moving around wrought iron chairs and tables takes more than one person and is time-consuming. Wicker furniture is light and easy to move around. You can easily use an outdoor wicker set and store it away when you finish.


Wicker furniture is durable and will last years with proper maintenance and care. The only reason you should be replacing your furniture is that you want a change. However, avoid buying cheap plastic wicker that looks like shiny vinyl. Before you buy your wicker furniture, be sure to check the materials and ensure that it doesn’t consist of nearly 100% plastic says Wicker Paradise.


Wicker furniture is very comfortable, thanks to woven interlocking fibers and material. When you sit in wicker, the chair takes the person’s shape. Often, wicker chairs have cushions, but you don’t really need them for comfort.


It takes very little work to maintain wicker furniture. If you keep them clean along with the occasional deep clean, your set will last years. Wicker does not even stain easily. Spill a drink and most of the time; you can just wipe off the stain.

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