Four Ways to Weatherproof Your Outdoor Furniture

Choosing the right outdoor furniture is not that easy. When buying something you will use regularly, you will have to consider different factors.

Remember, quality furniture does not come cheap. It is an investment. Be sure you are putting your resources to good use.

Continually using the furniture exposes it to damaging elements of weather. Use these tips from Wicker Paradise to weatherproof it and enjoy your outdoor furniture for years.


How often do you clean your outdoor wicker furniture? You can do the cleaning yourself, and don’t really need to hire anyone. All you need is a bristle brush, vacuum cleaner, soap, and clean water.


Currently, there are different paints for your outdoor wicker furniture. When painting, ensure its entire surface is covered by paint. Such includes the bottom, seats, underside, arms and the top.

Apply the paints once every three years. Two coats of marine varnish will help waterproof your furniture.


Oiling the rattan furniture makes it resistant to water. Wicker furniture utilizes the use of fibers. If it absorbs water, it softens and becomes stretchy. Oil the furniture before you leave them outside. This is only useful for non-synthetic forms of wicker.


If you are wondering, do I have to cover my outdoor wicker furniture? If yes, why? To protect your furniture from heavy rains, strong winds, and damaging sun rays. Adding a cover can increase lifetime by years.

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