How to Spot Clean Your Favorite Cushion

Summary: Cushions tend to get dirty over a period of time. Make sure you practice proper cleaning techniques to avoid having to replace them before needing to.

If the tags on your seat cushions say, “not machine washable”, they can still be cleaned. The type of cleaning is dependent on the problem, whether it’s dust, pet hair or debris. Here are some cost-effective tips on how to clean your cushions without having to replace them.

Dirt, Dust, and Pet Hair

Cushions tent to attract dust and debris over a period of time. If you have a pet, stray hair can be present as well. Start by vacuuming the seat cushions with an upholstery-brush attachment that often comes with your vacuum to help loosen any debris that is clinging on to the cushion.

Use a small brush that’s nonabrasive to loosen any dirt or debris that’s stuck in the crevices as you vacuum if the vacuum isn’t doing the trick. For general pet-hair removal, The Foam Factory suggests wiping the cushions with your hand while wearing a rubber glove on. This can gather pet hair and lift them from the fabric itself.

Cleaning Spots and Stains

Spills tend to happen no matter how careful you might be. Be sure to blot a spilled liquid immediately to prevent it from soaking into the cushion or spreading to other areas. Too many stains and spills can result in an untimely cushion replacement. Use paper towels or soft cloths when blotting, or the stain can transfer to the cushion.

For food items like sauces or chocolate, make sure to grab as much of the substance as you can with a paper towel and wipe toward the middle of the spill to prevent it from spreading. Then, proceed to blot it afterwards.

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