How to know if a mattress warranty covers you

Article provided by The Foam Factory

Earlier, we mentioned how having a proper bedroom is a crucial part of home improvement. One part of cultivating a proper bedroom is making sure your mattress is comfortable and cozy. However, not everyone brings home the best mattress on their first try.

Have you brought home a mattress only to find that it’s in worse shape than you thought? This can be frustrating, especially if the mattress is supposedly brand new. Situations like these are why many mattresses are sold with a product warranty. For a specified time period, many mattress companies have agreed to replace customers’ mattresses at no cost if the mattress has issues that the manufacturer is responsible for.

This sounds like a good deal, but not everyone who submits a warranty claim walks away satisfied with the outcome. There have been countless people who have complained that their warranty deal wasn’t honored after their mattress became ragged and uncomfortable. Much of this confusion is the result of misunderstanding what warranty deals do and do not cover.

The warranty conditions are not completely uniform for every seller, but they all have to do with physical defects a mattress might have right out of the box. This can include sagging, undone seams, broken or bent coils or springs, and misshaping caused by bunching in foam mattresses. However, it should be mentioned that there is usually an exact measurement for how much sagging a warranty covers. If you’ve measured your mattress’s sagging and it doesn’t meet the mark, it won’t be eligible for the warranty deal. According to The Mattress Nerd, the mark many manufacturers use for sagging ranges from three-fourths of an inch to around 1.5 inches.

If the person who bought the mattress is responsible for a mattress’s damages, it won’t be covered by a warranty. Wear and tear or unevenness caused by mattress usage or stains caused by spilling liquids will not be recognized as physical defects qualified to be replaced. Having a stained mattress will actually void your warranty in most cases. Furthermore, discomfort, even to an extreme degree, cannot be used as a reason to seek a warranty claim.

If your mattress has been causing you pain or discomfort that is affecting your ability to sleep, you might be better off looking for a mattress replacement instead of seeking a warranty claim. The Foam Factory sells multiple varieties of foam mattresses. From heavily customizable conventional foam mattresses to memory foam and foam futon pads, they’ll let you choose from a wide collection of sizes so you can find the mattress that suits your needs perfectly.

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