How Acoustic Foam Can Help Create the Best Film Audio

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Sound is an often overlooked, but highly essential element of telling a story through film. Whether it’s dialogue or music, filmmakers need a way to capture audio clearly and efficiently without distortion or unwanted reverberation. This is why acoustic foam can be a worthwhile investment for film sets, sound stages, and scoring studios.

Sets and studios are important structures where most of the work is done during filmmaking. Instead of clearing up all your audio in post-production, do the necessary legwork for the best sound by exploring acoustic foam options. While you may have a boom mic or wireless microphones for on-set recording, you may need to install hidden acoustic foam panels during indoor shoots. Acoustic foam is also necessary for studios where musical scores are recorded. Acoustic foam absorbs excess echoes and sound waves by dissipating energy from sound waves as heat. Echoes and reverberations are created by sound waves reflecting off flat surfaces. By providing a porous surface that absorbs sound waves instead of reflecting them, acoustic foam makes sound clearer and less muddled.

It’s crucial not to use too much acoustic foam because you don’t want to create an acoustically “dead” room where no echoes exist. There should still be some liveliness and energy in your sound recordings, so make sure you only use enough acoustic foam for clear sound. Furthermore, you may not be able to use acoustic foam for outdoor shots, so this would only apply to your indoor sets. If you’ve built indoor sets in a sound studio, you should make sure your acoustic foam panels are not ruining the shot. This might mean installing them in an off-camera location or using clever set design tricks to hide them in the mise en scène.

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