The most important considerations when picking outdoor furniture

Homeowners should look for three main characteristics when buying new furniture:

Size – Choosing the right sizing when buying furniture is extremely important. Make the wrong choice, and you could end up with something that is too big or too small for the area. Also, you need to consider the functionality. For example, a four-person dining table should not be smaller than 40inches, or you risk insufficient space for place settings, serving dishes, and condiments.

Comfort – Look for seats that feel stable and solid. Comfort isn’t just about softness; you need to feel stable in the seat. Size is also important, as you want most people to sit comfortably without feeling like they squeezed into the chair. At its most basic, you want a chair with four solid legs and two armrests for added comfort.

Attractiveness – You want something that is aesthetically pleasing that matches the décor of your home and the setting. Also, the furniture should work in a variety of settings, giving you some flexibility when you want to change things around a bit. Outdoor furniture is often wicker, though there are wood and iron finishes that work nicely.

Cushions – When you add cushions to a furniture set, it lifts the look of the entire set to another level. In addition to the added comfort and padding, you get more color, contrast, and visibility.

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